INDIA Water Project - May/June 2017

Water - a necessity of Life

Over the months of May and June 2017 FaithPointe Church have undertaken to raise $10,000 NZD for the installation of a REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER TREATMENT PLANT in Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. Working in conjunction with Carmel Ministries we have located a huge need for this plant in the semi rural site of the BIBLE and VOCATIONAL COLLEGE. This campus houses 300 students onsite - which is a LOT OF WATER being consumed daily. Currently the water consumption is purchased and delivered onsite for these students at an ongoing increasing cost.

Our Vision is to see the students onsite and the wider farming hub to be blessed with 100% PURE WATER. By installing it roadside we will be offering water to the wider Hindu community to bless them and their families. Currently many of the water bores in the district have been contaminated by Pesticides in the farming community.

Practical Love in Demonstration

By partnering with us we will be able to ensure the following:

  • Water bores contaminated can now be treated
  • 300 personnel on sight will now have 100% purified water
  • Pesticides from Farming ongoing problem
  • Sick children in area from water being contaminated will be able to get access to clean water
  • Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant is fullproof
  • Service high volumes for wider community
  • Purify water 100%
  • Provide water for 200 school children from slums
  • Provide water for 50 Orphans at Carmel Site

If you would like to Contribute to this Project:  

ASB 12-3085-0543189-01  
Water Prjt Particulars: Name or Tithe no

God bless and thankyou - Ps James Anson



The True Foundation for all Leadership

Foundations are important – right?

Anybody seen a picture of the leaning tower of Pizza lately?

It is so easy to overlook what I’m about to put to you today as being the bedrock of all true leadership. Why? Because the world is enamoured with the bright lights and glamour of the GIFTED and TALENTED that will spawn greater audiences in their area of expertise. It is not so with growing great leaders in the Kingdom of God! I can tell you that most of the ‘problem people’ that I’ve had to deal with in a leadership sense was because they were more focused on being the bright shining star rather than work on their CHARACTER.


Not in Word but in Power

When it comes to 'Religion' there is a lot of talk and rhetoric in order to establish one's theology or Ethos. Here's the thing: Jesus didn't just talk about religion - he demonstrated his theology with Spiritual Power! So did Peter, so did Paul, for that matter so did all the early disciples recorded in the book of Acts. To be frank with you - the world is sick of our words and creeds - what the world is longing for is a true demonstration of God's power that is rooted in Love.


Getting your Connection back

I’m sure most of you reading this understand the frustrations of a “NO CONNECTION” signal on your WiFi! Being connected and disconnected - on/off when it comes to the internet builds high levels of frustration! In fact I’ve often wondered in recent years what would happen if the internet went down even for just 1/2 a day! Catastrophe! Anyhow - not being able to access the internet is not the only high level of frustration you will experience through disconnection. What about when it seems that you are struggling to maintain a connection in your relationship with God? Here are some of the symptoms that will appear when you are trying to maintain your walk with God from a distance:  


Are your Wheels Spinning?

Ever been in a situation where you desperately need to move forward in your life but it feels like you are just spinning your wheels? You are exerting a lot of energy  but it feels like you are not moving where you need to get to. Growing up in NZ on a mixed cropping farm, the winters would get very wet and thus ‘muddy’. Mud everywhere.  To navigate our way through some places on the farm it was essential that we were driving something with big grip on it’s tyres.  The good old proverbial FARM TRACTOR was just the thing. With huge back wheels and large tread on each tyre you could get traction anywhere without getting stuck. The more mud the merrier fun! Especially when I was driving - a boys dream!

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