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West Harbour

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Online Time
Sundays Zoom 09:30am



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16 Yadrava Place, Westfield, Nadi, Fiji      PH 2182361 or 7812645

Our Story

James and Viv Anson

Located in West Harbour, Auckland - FaithPointe Church was birthed in the heart of Pastors James and Viv Anson. Over a period of 30 years in full-time ministry, James and Viv have served the Lord in both small and large churches. In 2013 they experienced a sovereign call with a divine encounter on the streets of East Auckland. This encounter confirmed a prayer they had prayed only a few hours earlier, asking the Lord to confirm His word to their hearts. A complete stranger walked up to them and bought a prophetic message from the Lord detailing the walk of faith ahead.

In February 2013, a group of 20 people met together to begin the journey we now know as FaithPointe Church. The name was given to us with a strong emphasis on a church that will establish many 'points of faith' for people to believe and turn to the Lord in the years to come.

James and Viv have had many years experience in Pastoral leadership and Global Mission, having ministered in over 20 nations around the globe. Inside their hearts', they carry a church that God has been forging and forming over many years through many different experiences. FaithPointe Church carries the Apostolic seed within it of other churches and church planters being raised up both here in NZ and also overseas. With an emphasis being placed back on the need for NZ to rise to its prophetic destiny, there must be a return to the roots of the New Testament church - Holy Spirit power, every member a minister, reaching the lost through prophetic evangelism, missional intent in our neighbourhoods, passionate followers abandoned to God in worship.

Pastors James and Viv believe wholeheartedly that unless the church comes back to its ACTS 2 roots of Divine displays of God's glory, the return of Christ to the earth will be delayed. Jesus said the end will not come until every tribe, tongue and nation have heard the gospel first hand. What a great cause the church of the 21st Century has to invest in!

Our Vision

Planting 100 "Meeting Houses" (House Churches) 2030

Our Purpose

Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

Building the kingdom of God one life at a time

Empowering People

To be difference makers who are daily influencing our world

Impacting Nations

Taking the Gospel to every tribe, nation and tongue with what God has placed in our hand

Our Core Values

1. We are called to be faith-filled, big thinking, believers

We don’t want to insult God with small thinking and safe living

2. We are spiritual contributors not spiritual consumers

The church does not exist for us. We are the church and we exist for the world

3. We will laugh hard, loud and often

Nothing is more fun than serving God with people you love!

4. We want to always bring our best

Doing things well honours God and inspires people

5. We will seek the face of God often and with humility

Prayer moves the hand of God and invades the impossible

6. We seek to honour God with wholehearted praise and worship God is

seeking worshippers who worship in spirit and truth

7. We seek to live our lives on Mission – here, there and everywhere

Winning people to Christ and discipling them is the heart of the gospel

8. We believe in a culture of Honour

Honour means relating to someone according to his or her God-given identity

9. We honour the Holy Spirit as our enabler in all we do

The prophetic and supernatural of God are released through the Spirit’s ministry

10. We believe family is the core building block of the church

The church is built through a culture of Sonship. Son’s build the house

Our Ministries

Below you can find our more about different parts of our church


Our music and worship style is designed to engage the worshipper to participate and experience the fullness of His Presence. When we worship in spirit and truth - God engages with us and inhabits the praises of His people.

Kid's Church

Children thrive when they are having fun. We do our best to design an atmosphere where fun and faith mix together. We are a church that embraces cultural diversity. Everyone is welcome.

Men's Ministry

Building great mate relationships builds strength into men's lives.  The men normally meet the last Saturday morning of each month. Come along and get to know some of the guys.

Women's Ministry

Fun, laughter and support. Our women's ministry gives just the ladies time together, whether it's social outings, bible studies or just a casual coffee. Make sure you come along to get to know some of the girls.

Global Mission

Jesus gave us a Great Commission - to go into all the world and make disciples. FaithPointe believes strongly in church planting globally in order to fulfil this Great Commission. We are serious about the role we can play in doing 'our' part.

Kai Konnexion

At FaithPointe Church we love it when Christians gather together united in fellowship along with the X factor - FOOD! We have different homes around Auckland City that open regularly for you to meet new people and enjoy a shared meal


Every church needs volunteers to manage and help assist with the weekly functions. We love to see volunteers rise and try new things and find the joy in serving others making church a place of fun, laughter and joy.


Prayer changes everything. We have different ways you can become involved in prayer - including our mid-week prayer meeting Wednesdays 7.30pm on Zoom.


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FaithPointe Church Fiji

We seek to live our lives on Mission – here, there and everywhere. Keep updated with our Fiji Church in Nadi here.

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