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D-Group #14 - Joseph and the Palace Test
November 1, 2020
James Anson

As Joseph passes through being dragged into the PIT and then sold off as a slave - we find him passing through one of God's most character forming tests for our lives - Faithfulness in what is another man's. The Palace Test. As Joseph faithfully served in Potiphar's house God promoted him and elevated his status and responsibility. Everything he touched bought favour and prosperity to Potiphar. In the same way - God wants to train our character by being willing to serve another man or woman faithfully in preparation for what he wants to make our own. This is the stewardship principle in action.

D-Group #13 Joseph - The Pit Test
November 19, 2020
James Anson

Joseph encounters a miserable time of his life being threatened by his own brothers and thrown into a pit only to be traded as a slave. How do we manage seasons like this in our lives? What is God doing in these moments when we feel despair creeping around our hearts?

D-Group #12 Church on Fire
November 5, 2020
James Anson

The Apostle Paul lets everybody know the Thessalonian church is a shining example of a church on fire. They have shared the gospel near and far effectively bringing people to Christ. Under deep persecution they make the name of Jesus known. We look at 3 key points as to what makes this church such a radical example to follow.

D-Group #11 - Pivoting into the Call of God
Viv Anson

Pivot has become a well used word over the Pandemic that has swept the world in 2020. Pastor Viv Anson shows us through the life of Moses what it means to PIVOT into the call of God over our lives. How we can see God move afresh once again and position our lives for His glory and our destiny.

D-Group #10 Outward Bound - 1 Refusing to be called the 'Family of the Unsandled'
September 20, 2020
James Anson


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