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The Spiritual Pathogen that's Killing People

May 31, 2020


James Anson

A pathogen is an agent that brings disease. Covid-19 is an example of a powerful pathogen that has killed many. But what about the spiritual pathogens that are killing people on the inside - jealousy, rage, anger, unbelief, unforgiveness. The damage is huge. Today we talk about one that is so subtle but is doing much damage around the world - HURRY SICKNESS. Tune in for what is a relevant message for 21st Century living.

Talking Points Discussion

Pathogen - an infectious agent that causes disease and
sometimes death

LOCKDOWN REVELATIONS - faced with realities of what was happening in our hearts
Jer 1:10

To Root out and destroy - Trace it
To destroy & throw down - Face it
To build & to plant - Replace it

The Spiritual Pathogen of HURRYSICKNESS
Addicted to a life of SPEED

Corrie Ten Boom - If the devil can't get you to sin, he'll just
make you busy!

Luke 10:38-42 Martha - busy, worried, distracted
Mary - still, with Jesus, peaceful
"The problem isn't just have a lot to do; it's when you have
TOO MUCH TO DO and the only way to keep up is "HURRY UP!"

Hurry and Love are incompatible!

Love has it's own speed
An Inner speed
A spiritual speed

Martha had not discovered Love's speed

World changed in 2007 - iphone - Steve Jobs followed
closely by FaceBook. Average time people spend on their
smartphones is 2.5 hours over 76 sessions!

Digital giants now aiming at keeping us busy on our phones
as much as possible. Economists now calling it "the
Attention Economy".

Read Matthew 11:28-30 in the Message translation

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