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Acts 27 - Keys to Governing Your Metron - Part 3
June 26, 2022
James Anson

The incredible story of 276 lives saved on a ship doomed for disaster is a fascinating one. The Apostle Paul clearly hears from God on the future of all the passengers and releases God's favour on all aboard - saving their lives. He governed his METRON with love and authority thus releasing destiny for all those onboard.

Acts 27 - Keys to Governing Your Metron - Part 2
June 19, 2022
James Anson

Understanding we are assigned by God to carry out certain functions and responsibilities is key to living a life of purpose and fulfilment. But knowing that there are measures (metron) of influence that are granted by God takes our lives to another level of effectiveness. This video gives keys as to how you can begin to govern your Metron

Acts 27 - Governing Your Metron - Part 1
June 5, 2022
James Anson

How is it that Paul started his journey to Rome bound in chains and nobody would listen to him but ended the journey with no chains and everybody was listening to him? Find out and discover this amazing concept of your METRON.

Acts 26 - Sit, Walk, Stand
May 29, 2022
James Anson

When Apostle Paul encountered Jesus for the first time he was put on his backside by the power of God. Then Jesus told him to rise and stand and go minister to the people to turn them from the power of Satan to God. This message is about discovering this same pattern that is regularly seen in the Apostle Paul's ministry as written to the church at Ephesus.

Acts 24 - Presenting to a Procrastinator
May 22, 2022
James Anson

Procrastination often has a dark side to it. In this case perhaps a deadly dark side to it. Felix and his wife Druisilla sought out the Apostle Paul to hear him. And heard him they did! A clear, compelling and well reasoned speech which Felix then procrastinated on. What exactly was the heart of Paul's message to this procrastinator?

Be Encouraged
May 1, 2022
Stan Yeung

How do we find encouragement in times of difficulty? Encouragement comes from the Lord’s comfort and reassurance.

Acts 22 - Have you stopped asking God questions?
April 24, 2022
James Anson

Saul has an encounter with God and immediately begins to ask God questions about what is going on in His life. Your development as a follower of Christ includes keeping up a dialogue which include questions you need answers to. It is not a good sign when we begin to realise we are no longer asking God questions. This video explains why.

Jesus has a Plan in your Pain
April 10, 2022
James Anson

The world is being defined by its PAIN here in 2022. A pandemic, a major war in Europe, economic indicators pointing toward global recession. Pain, pain, pain...Does God care? Can He help? How can we get through the 'low places' of our lives? Ps James addresses three valleys in Scripture that we can learn about God's plans in the midst of our pain.

Acts 21 - "Bound in the Spirit"
April 3, 2022
James Anson

What does this phrase "bound in the Spirit" from the Apostle Paul mean for the normal Christian? This message unveils the power behind this phrase and how it can change your Christian walk moving forward.

Acts 20 - What it Takes to leave a Legacy
March 27, 2022
James Anson

The Apostle Paul makes a stop to give a rousing valedictory speech to the Elders from Ephesus. It is a moving speech where he holds nothing back and shares with them the MOTIVE, MANNER and MESSAGE of his ministry. These qualities are what enabled the great Apostle to leave an ongoing legacy and imprint into everyone who came under the radius of his influence.


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