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Acts 10 - Breaking Mindsets for a New Era
December 5, 2021
James Anson

The Apostle Peter's open trance Vision found in Acts 10 changed the course of the world. Christianity came to the Gentiles in the power of the Holy Spirit. But before God could use Peter in this manner he had to challenge his in-born prejudices regarding non-jewish people. God is breaking out all over the world changing church structures and mindsets in the middle of a global pandemic. Pastor's and church leaders are having a challenging time looking at completely re-structuring churches. Pastor James Anson shares what God is doing in his own church and his own mindset.

Acts 9 - G.P.S. God's Positioning System
November 21, 2021
James Anson

Acts 9 reveals the incredible tools the Holy Spirit begins to release to the church. We see God encountering and changing the life of a murderer Saul who became the great St Paul of the New Testament. Next God is able to align people in order to carry out his mission using a divine Positioning System. For the church to fulfill her mission we must access the full array of tools in our tool belt.

Acts 8 - Reshaping of the Church
November 7, 2021
James Anson

The global pandemic has placed an awful amount of external pressures on the Church gathered. Pastor James Anson breaks down Acts 8 and some of the parallels for the modern day church and what needs to take place now. God is working in these days to reshape and reset His church to pivot into an agile, active, mobile organism bringing life to their communities.

Acts 7 - "Fullness"
October 31, 2021
James Anson

The shining star of Acts 7 is undoubtedly Stephen. He boldly declares the truths of Israel's poor relationship with YAWEH and brings down the hammer of the Holy Spirit's conviction. It cost him his life. The early church's first Martyr is welcomed into heaven by a STANDING JESUS at God's right hand. Stephen shows us what it means to live a life of FULLNESS

Acts 6 - The little foxes that spoil the Vine
October 24, 2021
James Anson

What should our attitude be to those Vaccinated or Unvaccinated? This issue has the potential to divide the body of Christ as Governments around the world place restrictions on society.

Acts 5 - Danger - Spiritual Deception in the Church
October 17, 2021
James Anson

Acts 5 confronts us with a brutal reality - God sees all, knows all and hates spiritual deception. Honesty is the best policy and sadly the husband and wife team of Ananias and Sapphira found out the hard way! Spiritual pretense is equivalent to hypocrisy and we see how this plays out in Acts 5

Boldly go, where you have not gone before
October 10, 2021
James Anson

Book of Acts 4 Ps James takes a snapshot of the first arrest of two of the Apostles and their response to being told not to preach anymore in the name of Jesus. Persecution had arrived and so did the spread and shape of the church also begin to change as a result. Ps James also shares a prophetic word in this zoom service. See timestamp below 00:00 Intro 00:16 Acts 4:1-3 01:00 Persecution arrives 02:25 Church meets house to house 04:15 Church shape changes because of Persecution 05:38 Two Dilemma's 06:29 The Apostles Response 12:51 What they needed most 14:56 Prophetic word from Ps James Anson

"On their Way" - Acts 3
October 3, 2021
James Anson

As Peter and John were 'on their way' to a prayer meeting a man who had been living in the shadows, lame from birth, received a miracle that changed the course of his life. James shares how the changing shape of the church requires us to be actively seeing through new eyes of faith to spot the opportunities to see those who are living in the shadow of our neighbourhoods.

Daily - Disciples on Mission
September 26, 2021
James Anson

Acts is one of the most action packed books of the Bible. Why? Because the disciples Acted. They were introduced to the mission in Acts 1:8 to be Jesus witnesses in Jersualem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. The early disciples lifestyle was the Mission Jesus gave them. Therefore each day was spent living on purpose. This changed their lives and all who came into contact with them.

Why did Jesus walk on water?
July 18, 2021
Geoff Wiklund

In this message pastor Geoff asks the question why did Jesus walk on water. His answer is interesting and a powerful practical message emerges.


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