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Grow and Go Series - 2 Grow in your love and care for others
January 12, 2020
James Anson

Phil 2:19-30 - Paul planted the church at Phillipi. He is now estranged from them in a Roman prison cell. In this message Pastor James expands on Paul’s love for the church and his longing for people to care more about the things of Jesus Christ. Timothy and Epaphroditus are two of his sons in the faith. He can rely on them and trust them to care for the people left in Phillipi. Pastor James draws key points on growing in our love and care for others who will grow into strong followers of Christ, making disciples of others.

Grow and Go Series - 1 Becoming the best version of you in 2020
January 5, 2020
James Anson

Philippians 2:11-17 - Called to be like Christ and made in His image we owe it to God, ourselves and the world to be the best version of ourselves in 2020. Pastor James shows The Apostle Paul's advice as to how we can do exactly that.

Christmas 2019 - Living in the Tension of Anticipation
December 22, 2019
James Anson

Luke 2:25-33 - Simeon had lived with the anticipation of the promise from the Holy Spirit of seeing the Messiah before he gives up his last breath. What a promise - what anticipation this bought into his world. God is a God of promises and we live in the tension of God promising us things to come but having to manage the tension of living until that time unfolds. Pastor James gives us 3 keys from this story that help us to manage that tension.

How will history remember you?
December 15, 2019
Sue Daji

2 Corinthians 3:1-6 - We are living in significant times where there is a new quest, a deeper searching for meaning of life, for spirituality and discovery of one’s inner being. The doors of opportunity to contribute significantly in another’s life are present right now.

Rushabh Savla's Testimony
December 8, 2019
Rushabh Savla

This message is Rushabh Savla’s testimony of finding Christ through a series of miracles.

Christmas 2019 – He Came for You
December 8, 2019
James Anson

Galatians 4:4 - What a story! The supernatural birth of a baby boy announced by an ArchAngel to a young teenage woman. But why? For what Purpose? Ps James explains simply the REAL meaning of Christmas in a punchy short message.

Christmas 2019 - 1 The Plans I have for you
December 1, 2019
James Anson

Luke 1:26-39 - God sends the Arch Angel Gabriel directly from HQ to visit a 17yr old virgin named Mary. Why? He is executing a long, well thought out plan that began at the fall of mankind in the garden. This plan was to inject himself into human history to solve the sin problem. In viewing the Advent story we see clearly the hallmarks of a God who lays out well thought out plans and purposes, revealing them to chosen servants who align themselves by faith to His plans. This is how God wants to work in your life. This message encourages your participation in those plans for your life.

The Awesome Power of Blessing
November 24, 2019
Richard Brunton

Genesis 12:1-3 - We are Blessed to be a Blessing. Every Christian has the authority and power to bless others in the name of the Lord and see lives and situations transformed. Come and learn how.

Crossing over into your Promised Land
November 17, 2019
James Anson

Joshua 3:1-5 - Joshua positions Israel to crossover into Cannan after 400yrs of slavery in Eygpt. What would it take and how would they do it? In this message Ps James Anson gives 3 keys from Israel as they stand on the banks of the Jordan river about to cross over into their destiny.

Eliminate the Distractions
November 10, 2019
James Anson

Mark 8:13-18 - Busyness does not equal effectiveness. In fact sometimes they can be far apart. We can be busy doing a lot of things but not very effective. In this message Pastor James points out that often the disciples of Jesus were hearing but not listening. The remainder of this message gives us 3 keys to eliminating the distractions in your life.


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