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Unlocking Divine sequences for your Life - Part One
May 19, 2019
James Anson

Scripture: John 1: 29-34 - John baptizing was in fact the unlocking and releasing of Christ's ministry to be revealed in public. Many prophetic acts are the key to God's pre-ordained sequences being unlocked and the Spirit moving afresh in people’s life.

Little by little
May 12, 2019
James Anson

Isaiah 28:9-10 - Many want to skip the small steps in order to gain the large. The large blessing, the large influence... In this message pastor James teaches God's principle of 'line upon line, here a little there a little'. This message demonstrates the power of this principle in the lives of three great woman who influenced their generation.

Cultivating Faithfulness
May 5, 2019
Greg Simnor

Luke 17:1-6 - What is Christ Centred Faith, as without it, we will not be able to live out a life of faith in Christ. Christ Centred Faith is being fully convinced through the knowledge of God, of who He is and what He says.

Facing Your Storms
April 28, 2019
James Anson

Matthew 8:23-27 - When Jesus told his disciples to get into the boat because they were going to the other side of the Lake – none of them predicted the huge storm they were about to sail into. Storms are unpredictable but inevitable in all our lives. In this message Pastor James shows us how we can make it to our destination through every storm with three simple keys. 

April 21, 2019
James Anson

Matthew 28:6 - Easter Sunday celebrates the Power of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Jesus empty tomb has become the answer for our empty hearts. 

Growing In Faith
April 14, 2019
Peter Morton

Hebrews 11:1 - Ps Peter Morton from The River Church shares keys to how to grow in faith and believe God for greater things! Who we are determines what we see, which determines what we do!

How can you become a Faithful Servant
April 7, 2019
Susana Barakuta

Deuteronomy 11:13 - As Christians we should all want to be a faithful servant of God. How do you become a faithful servant of God? Susana shares with us 4 important steps to help us become Faithful Servants.

Destination......Kingdom of God
April 7, 2019
Samu Barakuta

John 3:16 - It is important of you today to make your Decision and choose your Destiny. This morning Ps Samu shares a bit of his story and the choices he made to become a follower of Christ.

First Things - 4 Devoted to Prayer
March 23, 2019
James Anson

Matt 21:12-17 - The first church was a powerhouse. People daily coming to Christ, miracles taking place, people selling their goods to help the needy. But in the center was prayer! Prayer that moved the heart of God. Pastor James shares how the third comes to rob our prayer life and what we can do about changing that. 

First Things – 3 Devoted to the Breaking of Bread
March 17, 2019
James Anson

Acts 2:42 - The four pillars of the early church were common to the gatherings of the early disciples. Apostles teaching, Fellowship, Breaking of Bread and Prayer. In this message Ps James breaks down what took place at the house to house gatherings with the Breaking of Bread.


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