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The Power of Spiritual Alignment. Part 3 – Right Relationships
August 18, 2019
James Anson

Matthew 5:23-24 - Anyone who has ever been ‘out of sorts’ with another person knows how difficult it can get. In another of Jesus’s FIRSTS – he tells us when we come to worship to “First be reconciled with your brother”. Jesus wants our horizontal relationships with others to be in order before we come and offer Him our worship. Pastor James shows us how in this message. 

Spiritual Alignment. Part 2 - Prioritising Trust over Worry
August 11, 2019
James Anson

Matt 6:31-34 - Worry and anxieties are at record levels globally. Jesus tackled worry head-on in the Sermon on the Mount. In this message Ps James outlines the Antidote for worry and 3 keys for killing worry in your life.

An Ever-Present Offer from God?
August 4, 2019
Sue Daji

Jeremiah 29:11 - Dream about the future, but make the most of today. To live is not to grieve for the past, be anxious about the future, but to live intentionally with wisdom in the ever-present offer from God - TODAY.

Taking Hold Of The Call Of God
July 28, 2019
Peter Morton

2 Thessalonians 1:11-12 - Drawing from 2 Thessalonians, Ps Peter Morton from The River Christian Church shares the key principles in how to see the call of God on your life go from dream to reality.

The Power of Spiritual Alignment. Part 1 - Priorities
July 21, 2019
James Anson

Matthew 6:33 - When we bring our lives in line with God's ways and words there are significant events that will take place in our lives. In this first installment pastor James Anson talks about re-calibrating our priorities in three areas: 1. Our Focus 2. Our Treasure 3. Our Trust.

Dare to Make a Difference - Making Eternal Investments
July 7, 2019

Speaker: James Anson. Scripture: 1 Tim 6:18-19. Description:  What will it take to hasten the return of Christ? Jesus is not returning until the Gospel has been preached. We can dare to make a difference by making Jesus’ last command our first priority. Through sharing our resource to further the kingdom of God we can see exponential increase and impact on the nations. 

Cutting-Edge People : Waited for God’s timing
June 30, 2019
Phil Richardson

John 2 - The Bible is a chronicle of Godly men and women who were unleashed and transformed their known world. These cutting-edge people were not launched into ministry overnight, they went through extensive periods of waiting and preparation, they yielded to God’s timetable growing in character and patience.

Unlocking Divine Sequences – Part 4 “Faith that work by LOVE”
June 23, 2019
James Anson

Galatians 5:6 - Our relationship with God will reflect the capacity of our faith. When our faith is saturated by the AGAPE love of God – our trust levels are high and we are able to believe so much easier and have much greater faith. Pastor James downloads the keys to having a faith that works with God that is able to believe for the highest good for others and see Divine Sequences unfold in any person’s life.

Unlocking Divine Sequences - Part 3 – Faith that Shifts God’s Power
June 16, 2019
James Anson

Genesis 28:10-19 - Each Divine Sequence that unlocks in a believer’s life begins with Faith being imparted into our hearts. As our Faith engages us with God’s plan – the domino effect begins as God moves in our lives and situations – bringing His plans and purposes to pass. Pastor James teaches how this faith works and develops in a believers life. 

Unlocking Divine Sequences over your Life - Part 2
June 9, 2019
James Anson

Matthew 5:6 - John baptizing was in fact the unlocking and releasing of Christ's ministry to be revealed in public. Many prophetic acts are the key to God's pre-ordained sequences being unlocked and the Spirit moving afresh in people’s life. In part two we see there clear keys that make Divine SEQUENCING work in your life. 


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