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First Things - 4 Devoted to Prayer
March 23, 2019
James Anson

Matt 21:12-17 - The first church was a powerhouse. People daily coming to Christ, miracles taking place, people selling their goods to help the needy. But in the center was prayer! Prayer that moved the heart of God. Pastor James shares how the third comes to rob our prayer life and what we can do about changing that. 

First Things – 3 Devoted to the Breaking of Bread
March 17, 2019
James Anson

Acts 2:42 - The four pillars of the early church were common to the gatherings of the early disciples. Apostles teaching, Fellowship, Breaking of Bread and Prayer. In this message Ps James breaks down what took place at the house to house gatherings with the Breaking of Bread.

First Things - 2 In Pursuit of Fellowship
March 10, 2019
Viv Anson

1 Corinthians 14v26 - The prototype for building the early church in Acts 2v42 included the devotion to four things. Teaching, fellowship, eating together and prayer. Devotion means the 'relentless pursuit of', so God desires that we relentlessly pursue Fellowship. Find out how fellowship is the keeper for those seeking God and a place for those are looking for a place of purpose. 

First Things - 1 Devoted to Truth
March 3, 2019
James Anson

Acts 2:42-47- We find out why the early church was so powerful. They devoted themselves to four key practices. Pastor James gives a practical message on how we can devote ourselves to the word of God and allow the word of God to become a rudder in our lives.

Five Stages of Discipleship
February 24, 2019
James Anson

Matthew 4:19 - Have you ever been given a job to do but never really been shown how to do it? You muddle around knowing you are not really doing the job the way that it is supposed to be done. So many Christians feel like this. They love God but have not had any real discipleship or been shown how to follow Jesus correctly. The goal of the New Testament is for Christ to be presented a MATURE bride. The book of Hebrews warns us that many who ought to be teachers now need to return to baby food because they are still immature. Pastor James gives a clear presentation on progressing forward into maturity to the ultimate stage of being a spiritual parent - reproducing and parenting spiritual children as mentors and disciplers.

Encouraging Discipleship
February 17, 2019
Georgie Ngaau

Matthew 28:18-20 Discipleship allows for us to gain a better understanding of God's word. His structure and righteous way of living. Equipping ourselves so that we may carry the right mindset to equip others. Laying down a firm and solid foundation within our faith towards Christ. Allowing us to become more Christlike & minded. (To think and act like Jesus).

Double 3 - The Holy Spirit Exponential X FACTOR
February 10, 2019
Phil Richardson

Acts 11:25 - The early church experienced a rapid and exponential growth as the Holy Spirit came upon them. The Holy Spirit X-factor promises to give an exponential multiplication of his anointing. We can expect to see a lift of this anointing in the end times. More miracles, signs and wonders....more anointing.

Double - 2 Multiply your Life
February 3, 2019
James Anson

Matthew 25:14-30 - The parable of the talents demonstrate how we can double the talents, opportunities Christ gives to us when we put them to work for God's glory. See how you can be a part of a multiplying generation expanding God's kingdom today.

January 27, 2019
James Anson

2 Kings 2 - Ps James Anson unfolds the prophetic word of "DOUBLE" over 2019. In this first installment we look at the double portion impartation from Elijah to Elisha and correlate some NT revelation of our relationship with the Holy Spirit in our present day.

These are the days of Elijah
January 20, 2019
Len Buttner

Malachai 4:5–6 - The Lord is preparing us to release the spirit and power of Elijah in an extraordinary way in these last days. We are living in an exciting but challenging times and our prayers are that we will have eyes to see what the Lord is doing. We are looking at the ministry of Elijah and John the Baptist; with an understanding of the spirit and power of Elijah, and the operation of this ministry today. 


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