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Outward Bound - 2 Church on Fire
September 27, 2020
James Anson

What happens when the foundation of a church is birthed in the power of the Gospel? Signs, wonders, miracles and persecution become manifestations everywhere the members go. The church at Thessalonica was planted in one month from a visit from the Apostle Paul. It soon became the POSTER church for Greece and the Gospel sounded out through the nation. This message is a reminder of what can happen when any church founds itself upon these timeless truths from the Apostle Paul.

OUTWARD BOUND - 1 Refusing to be called the "Family of the UnSandled"
September 20, 2020
James Anson

In chaotic times what is the direction and purpose of the Church? What exactly is God's agenda for us in times like these. This message unveils the power and purpose of the Kingdom of God. When we press into the Kingdom their is no secrecy but rather an OUTWARD BOUND thrust into our communities refusing to be called the "Church of the UnSandled" - Deut 25:5-10. ‍

Shift #5 - from Attractional to Missional
August 30, 2020
James Anson

For a number of years now the Holy Spirit has been trumpeting the prophetic call to take a closer look at the model that much of the Western Church has been following for 30 years - Attractional Church - "Build it and they will come". During this pandemic it has become apparent to most that the world can no longer attend our church services and it is now time for the church to be mobilised with a new agility - pivoting into missional communities of passionate believers who are a signpost to Jesus wherever they find themselves in their communities.

The Church at Pergamos
August 9, 2020
Geoff Holton

Rev 2:12 NKJV 12 "And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write, 'These things says He who has the sharp two-edged sword.' This church tolerated conformity to the world’s standards. How do we resist this? By holding fast to the power of the word of God. Geoff shows us how to simply let the Word of God work in us to hold fast to the ways of God.

Live Full Die Empty
August 9, 2020
James Anson

6 Billion people are still in need of a saving encounter with Jesus Christ. We must innovate and allow God to work in us to reap this mighty harvest that awaits the church of Jesus Christ. How? Live full, die empty. We are designed to be filled with God, to pour out into others. What God gives to be spent on the earth stays on the earth - we cannot take it with us. Heaven doesn't need it, and God doesn't want it back (Paul Scanlon)

How to share the load in the House of God
August 2, 2020
Viv Anson

What does it take to build a new testament house of faith. Pastor Viv Anson shares insights from 2 Kings and the floating axe head story to glean insights on building together as a house of faith.

From Copycat to Innovate
July 26, 2020
James Anson

Description: When we don’t innovate we end up becoming copycats. We become followers instead of leaders. We lose creativity and often become dull, predictable and boring. Pastor James shares why we can lose our innovation and how to gain it back again.

Faith that Breaks Limitations
July 19, 2020
Nick Klinkenberg

Our faith in God opens the doors to new possibilities. Faith and Doubt will always exist together. Believing is choosing faith over doubt. Through the story of the widow and her empty jars, Ps Nick demonstrates how this works.

Equally Important
July 12, 2020
Sue Daji

Ps Sue clears up any confusion regarding what loving God is really all about. To love God means to love your neighbour at the same time. Faithfulness to a relationship means loyalty to a person. Living peacefully without pretense, demonstrating authentic living.

Shift 3 - From Hearers to Doers
July 5, 2020
James Anson

In the Prophetic RESET of God, a call to move from being CONSUMER BOUND, stuck in a life of being a Hearer only of the Word of God - Jesus is calling us to be ACTION men and women who live a life of obedience to the Word of God. In this message Ps James demonstrates how a young man in his latter teenage years embarrassed a nation but gave them a new vision of courage to be a DOER of the WORD of GOD.


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